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Indure is a Talent Management Agency created by women devoted to empowering and celebrating the female essence. We are committed to broadening the spectrum of possibilities in regards to what womanhood really is about. At Indure, we are constant creators of female culture. 

Our core values and norms are quite simple:

  • Know the rules.
  • Break them ALL.
  • Enjoy the ride.


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Indure is always on the lookout for all kinds of unique and beautiful women to join our Queendom. When submitting your form, make sure you complete all the sections and, if your profile corresponds to ours, we will get in touch with you. Please, click on the link below and fill out the form only once, our team is in charge of reviewing all applications without exception.

Can’t wait to see you shining your brightest.

Indure Team

  • What people say

    About us

    Wow, so my experience as an Indure Queen has been nothing short of amazing. I am always made to feel comfortable and given every opportunity to succeed. The owners and managers of the company always go above and beyond to make sure I’m treated like a princess.

    I’ve loved the working environment and being around other strong women. I’ve learned that having a team like Indure can really help catapult you to the next level and I’ve grown both my brand and business substantially.

    Highly recommended anyone looking for model management and content creation to look no further.

    Amanda Cherundolo - Model.
  • What people say

    About us

    I was independent for 4 years before deciding to sign with Indure and it was probably the most significant leap of faith I've had in my twenties. This agency completely blew me away from the very first month that I joined. I am so grateful to be able to feel like I'm part of a big family of beautiful, successful women who accept me, support me and keep me motivated on my modeling journey.

    I appreciate the professionalism and support from all the photographers and partners. I love that I am growing both on social media and as a model in general and yet I still have time to work on other endeavors! The only thing I regret is not joining sooner.

    Desy Gato - Model.
  • What people say

    About us

    I am totally satisfied to work with the Indure team. The girls have always been completely supportive along the way. I like that they are always willing to talk and come up with the best way to make the most of my material and to get more forms of profit ✨Despite the distance, they are one of the best work teams that I have had and would be happy to continue growing by their side.
    Kristty Manzoni - Model.
  • What people say

    About us

    I've been treated like royalty, and feel accepted into a family. Indure takes the time to get to know you and build something with you. I couldn't be more satisfied.
    Samantha Jerasa - Model.
  • What people say

    About us

    So far I have been nothing but pleased with Indure and their methods. My numbers quickly doubled and then quadrupled and it's only been 2 months! I'm excited to see how we grow from here. I was apprehensive to get signed to an OF team because of some of the stories my friends have told me about their own management but have been pleasantly surprised by the supportive and thoughtful Indure family.

    I really appreciate the way Indure does not pressure me into anything but rather allows me to evolve at my own pace and decide what is best for myself and my brand.No boundaries have been crossed and Indure is more than accommodating to my particularities.

    Excited to continue to evolve in this environment!

    Caitlin Hill - Model.
  • What people say

    About us

    This agency is the coolest I’ve been in, the vibe, the love they put into work is incredible. Thank you for receiving in such a nice way and for helping us grow in this environment, I love you guys (L).
    Beronika Martínez - Model.




We’re a Talent Management Agency created by women devoted to inspiring & empowering the female essence –One woman, one brand, one dream.

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